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Floor Speakers  in Bangalore



"I was drawn towards the music and got goosebumps; Great Sound Image and Channel separation; Vocals are really crisp".

Best Tower Speakers  in Bangalore



"The balanced sound across the spectrum; You feel the music; Great bass definition; Voice image is very good".

Best Center Channel Speaker in Bangalore



"If we did not come for an audition, we would have missed these products; Amazing and mind-boggling sound".

Center Channel Speaker in Bangalore



"Very quick on its feet; Great articulation; Jazz music sounded great; Soprano Horn moved pretty quickly across the spectrum; Excellent sound stage details and separation; One can hear each and every instrument in its own zone; What you have achieved is difficult to achieve in Solid state + Passive crossover + 3 Way configuration; Very close to a Full Ranger".

Mini Tower Speakers in Bangalore

Nand Kishore


"Been listening to the music through your wonderfully crafted and created speakers. Enjoying every bit of music and every peace of instrument. What gives me more joy is that I could enjoy all these without burdening my pocket. Kudos to you for making good listening experience affordable. "YEH DIL MAANGE MORE". I have already started saving for an upgrade..Hopefully I will do within shortest possible time".

Bookshelf speakers in Bangalore

EVRK Prasad


"AUDIQS Floor standing towers have a unique design of 2 mid drivers, bringing the entire sound stage to the front. Human hearing lies largely in mids, which brings life to the sound. Other brands add woofers to their speakers to bring in more bass which does not go well with people who want to live in mids and experience precise sound stage. I was looking for more of mid driver design, which was not available in any other brand and was amply fulfilled by AUDIQS".

Best Bookshelf speakers



"Can be compared with Davis Acoustics, Monitor Audio and B&W (683); Ultimate Sound stage; Real value for money".

Mini Tower Speakers in Bangalore

Satyajit Sahu


"Proud owner of the AUDIQS bookshelf speaker. They are excellent for the price point. Amazing sound quality. Full justice to all freq ranges. Certainly try them out".

Mini Tower Speakers in Bangalore



"Sir this power amp and towers are amazing, I don’t think you can use this in a home theatre. This is concert level, Never did my music go a bit off even in high volume. On top the amp is running at 60% of its max. I’m enjoying the sound a lot sir, these speakers are out of the world".

"Our customers are our brand ambassadors. To listen to what they have to say about AUDIQS speakers play this audio testimonial".

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